Rhyl High Schools’ Pupil Deprivation Grant Statement  2017 / 18


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The purpose of the Pupil Deprivation Grant is to improve the educational attainment of pupils from low income families and who are entitled to free school meals (eFSM). Schools are expected to maximise the use of this funding by introducing sustainable strategies which will quickly lead to improved outcomes for pupils entitled to free school meals.


As a school, we want to learn from the best practice in Wales and beyond by:


1. planning interventions that focus on improving the attainment of pupils from deprived backgrounds, regularly monitoring pupils’ progress and evaluating the impact of the intervention.

2. integrating plans for the effective use of the PDG into the School Development Plan, basing our practice on sound evidence and including them as part of a whole school strategy.

3. balancing whole school strategies with targeted interventions to ensure that all learners entitled to free school meals benefit as individuals, whilst the whole school also develops its ability to support every learner to achieve their full potential.


In 2017-18 Rhyl High School were allocated a total Pupil Deprivation Grant of £288,650


Rhyl High School has a comprehensive plan, agreed and monitored by GwE and Denbighshire Local Authority, to promote high expectations attainment and progress and to remove barriers to learning for pupils entitled to this funding.


We have used the funding available to:


• Employ Teaching Assistant in English Department to assist in raising standards in Literacy  and    support vulnerable learners

• Employ Teaching Assistant in Mathematics Department to assist in raising standards in      Numeracy and support vulnerable leaners
• Employ full time Learning Coach to assist/support with parental involvement, peer tutoring, social and emotional aspects of learning
• Employ Family Engagement Officer to raise and maintain pupil attendance and punctuality levels and to improve engagement and support to families/carers
• Employ Teaching Assistant – Progress and Welfare to help contribute to more effective learning through improved conduct and social skills.
• Release of Teacher to undertake intervention groups to improve literacy levels using tools such as synthetic phonics, aurally coded dictionary for Summer term
• Provide homework club after school each day which will focus on FSM pupils attending
• Employ Data Manager (0.5) to produce and analyse data for FSM pupils and non FSM pupils so  interventions can be targeted
• Employ KS3 Teacher specialist in emotional behaviour difficulties to support pupils who require differentiated learning and support to engage with the curriculum.
• Employ Education Youth Worker to support pupil’s physical, emotional, mental well- being and personal resilience by developing a bespoke curriculum.
• Provide vocational courses for FSM pupils to increase attainment levels and ensure all pupils leave school with qualification
• Invest in use of technology to enhance learning and life opportunities
• Jointly fund post with Welsh Rugby Union for Rugby Development Manager to engage pupils in education through the medium of rugby
• Rhyl Learning Community (RLC) Research Project in partnership with CIERIE (Bangor University and GwE) to support evaluation of existing interventions and facilitate ongoing research aimed at improving standards and wellbeing outcomes for current and future pupils. Also to develop capacity to collaborate on joint projects across the RLC that develops school to school working and proliferation of good practice.


It is not appropriate for the school to publish a detailed plan as it could identify individual pupils.































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