Welcome to the Geography Department.


Department Staff:


Mr Mike Farrell – Head of Department

Mr Ben Dennis – Teacher of Geography and Progress Manager

Mr Clive Jones  - Teacher of and Geography and RE

Mr Stuart Howson – Teacher of Geography and English



About the Department:

“Geography explains the past, illuminates the present and prepares us for the future. What could be more important?”

Michael Palin


The department’s aim is to provide learners with an interesting and challenging curriculum, in a supportive environment, providing opportunities to develop their Geographical knowledge, skills and understanding and to develop a greater awareness and understanding of local and global issues. We wish to develop and foster a wonder of the world and its complexities whilst investigating and finding reasons to its processes and patterns and the interactions with humans.


Topics taught are varied and relevant, and differentiated to enable all learners to access the curriculum and to stretch them to enable them to achieve their highest potential. Literacy, ICT and Numeracy skills are enhanced through the study of Geography.


The Geography department has high expectations and aims to develop resourceful and independent learners and to prepare and equip them for life for when they leave Rhyl High School, for further study or employment.


“Geography is the tapestry that weaves the world together”

Gil Grosvenor



Basic Curriculum Structure:


Key Stage 3 have three lessons a fortnight of Geography

Year 7 Program of study.

• Geographic explorers

• Adventure landscapes

• The Geography of my stuff

• Climate change

• Who do we think we are?

• Wild weather


Year 8 Program of study.

• Holiday paradise

• Fantastic places

• Megacities

• Who wants to live forever?

• Tectonics

• Coasts


Year 9 Program of study.

• Flooding

• Health and wealth of nations

• Incredible India

• Extreme environments

• Conflict

• Welsh landscapes


Key stage 4 follow WJEC specification A Course.


Year 10 Program of Study.

• Distinctive landscapes in Wales

• River processes and change

• Coastal processes and change

• Sand dune ecosystems

• Urban-rural change

• Extreme weather


Year 11 Program of Study.

• Climate change

• Ecosystems

• Global cities

• Global inequalities

• Regional development

• Water resources

• Social development




75% linear end of Year 11 exam

25% controlled assessment completed in Year 10. Learners undertake two extended pieces of fieldwork outside of the classroom



Curriculum Support

The school homework club is available every day before/after school in a computer room to enable pupils to have support with their homework. Catch-up sessions for pupils who have missed work or want to get help on a topic if they are having any problems can be arranged with class teachers at lunch/after school.


GCSE revision sessions are also arranged for Yr 11 pupils throughout the year after school. (Please ask the class teacher for further details of these sessions.) In addition, exam workshops are also held after school on a Wednesday.



The Department also offers Key Stage 4 BTEC Travel and Tourism


This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the different components of the travel industry and prepares them for further study at college or for a career in the travel industry. However, it is equally relevant and useful for those not wanting to necessarily follow a career in the travel industry.


The course has four units:

Unit 1 The UK Travel and Tourism sector (this unit is examined)

Unit 2 UK Travel and Tourism destinations (class based assignments)

Unit 4 International Travel and Tourism destinations(class based assignments)

Unit 5 Factors effecting worldwide Travel and Tourism (class based assignments)



Exam Boards used:

The Geography course follows WJEC Unit 2 Specification A

 The Travel and Tourism course follows Edexcel BTEC Travel and Tourism Level 2 First Award



Examination Series:

Geography Yr10 – Summer 2018

Travel and Tourism – January 2017, re-sit option June 2017



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